Moon and Earth dance in the presence of the Sun? World of opposites and duality

SUN AND MOON together


Tao teaching

A strong military, a tool of misfortune
All things detest it
Therefore, those who possess the Tao avoid it
Honorable gentlemen, while at home, value the left
When deploying the military, value the right

The military is a tool of misfortune
Not the tool of honorable gentlemen
When using it out of necessity
Calm detachment should be above all
Victorious but without glory
Those who glorify
Are delighting in the killing
Those who delight in killing
Cannot achieve their ambitions upon the world

Auspicious events favor the left
Inauspicious events favor the right
The lieutenant general is positioned to the left
The major general is positioned to the right
We say that they are treated as if in a funeral
Those who have been killed
Should be mourned with sadness
Victory in war should be treated as a funeral

I have made it – I know what I want

I have spent a lifetime of working out what I don’t want to find out what it is actually that I do want and this is the key to doing what I love.

The alienation of separateness and being confounded by prejudices which I never understood is to discover that, it is, what unites us that which holds meaning and fascination. This electric but rather obvious insight means now I have my path, I will now endeavour to learn from and work with any like minded people (people who love and value the universal and respect equality).

My own journey began with a feeling for innate human values, followed by developing a love for Shakespeare and Chaucer. The excitement of first discovering Joseph Campbell only to find it was James Joyce, that I was responding to all. These writers espouse values Olive Schreiner talks about so eloquently in her work during the reign of the backward and oppressive Victorians during a period known as the Fin de siècle.

I have a love for so many writers including Julius and Philip Epstein who wrote the script for Casablanca, The writers, who were retained against the wishes of Warner Brothers, worked tirelessly to retain some sense of the female independence in a heavily censored script. The writers started with an understanding that the themes of freedom and independence apply across genders, people, races etc. We are all in essence, the same but different!

Luckily, I have always been in love with the inventive classical form in writing but in all arts which includes literature, music, art, film or any other expression of universality. So the world really is my oyster.

Every day I will learn about, engage with and further the universal in all facets. I hope to create a universal home where anyone can understand that all humans are one and our expressions are the myriad of ways in which we connect to reach our collective journey into bliss, harmony and unity.

Thank you world.


Starting afresh – meeting the universal

I have for sometime been reflecting on the sudden but obvious exposure of a mainstream world that has been for sometime misogynistic, racist, prejudiced, hypocritical or simply indifferent to violence against others or even planet earth.

Such destruction does not sit with me today and never really did but I stopped challenging this world and hiding the richness of the opposite inside, a world full of joy and sharing. The above destruction probably does not sit with countless others but I can only speak for me. So, I can only set out my own stall.

I value the universal not the differences which merely expose the beauty of our diverse planet.

I value women, I value men, I value children, I value all races and humans but not one over the other, I love and value our planet and the creatures which share it with us.

This is my true north star.

It is from this starting point, I will start the next part of my brand new creative journey, one which I truly want to be involved in rather than one I feel forced to participate in.

This feels like freedom, bliss and happiness because it truly is.

I wish all who read this and those who feel like this find their bliss.

In honour and celebration of Shakespeare – short play Sweet Desdemona’s Revenge©

For Shakespeare Everyday

The formerly Sweet Desdemona plots her revenge against her unjust death while remonstrating with a sorry Othello.


It is a deathly night but the aura of a woman’s glow lights the dark

Othello is deeply wrapped in thought while looking at an ethereal Desdemona.


Even in death

Visions of sweet Desdemona

Horrors so deep

Torment me in sleep

Haunt me to weep


You exist still

I am no vision

You lie awake

I am not an illusion


My sleep did make us part

How heavy the heart

Aches from sleep’s heavy act

Where you and I no longer live


It is not sleep that did the act

But the thoughts you did impart

And heavy act thy did execute

Smother breath in my heavy heart


Live not this time before

But in this present law

Live in our heavenly glory

To see you here before me

Our love endures a story

Where death returns life


Alas it is not me you see

But that which only time

On earth can again alter

Do you forget your crime?


My sweet Desdemona


Address me no more thus


I do not forget my crime

I laid my trust in honesty

Too false even for betrayal


The calm that woke me from my tempest

Now feels less than tranquil

Leaves me less than content

I do not follow the path of repent

But forever flower faith in love


Mention not the word

That runs rivers into drought

Had I married Othello

But fate made me marry my father

Thy faith in me was of equal measure

And as fickle as intemperate weather


Your death didst demand debt

And my own life’s end I did let


You died for office Othello

like my father Brabantio

You presided upon many words

of thy trusted dishonest Iago


Mention this not for I feel

fear of losing virtuous Desdemona

was my achilles heel

Suspicions cast by my alien persona

Made me call upon proof

from a wretched handkerchief


This memory I do constantly loan

The napkin I used to wipe thy brow

Did fall upon the floor

And you made me let it alone


If the matter could but alter

without a wise woman I did falter


Unspoken jealousy in high rations

Caused your murderous passions

Your kisses were rife

Before you took my life

Defend not thy deathly deed

Know thy has sown the seed

to make our virtues a vice

I, nor women will bear the name

of crimes against womanhood

Virtuous women will now aim

to alter designs of sisterhood


Fall not into this obdurate way

Let tender words forgiveness pray

Let not manly ignorance fall

to serve revenge’s enthrall


I seek not the heat of revenge

But to be freed from a deed

made to make me meek and strange

Nothing else I shall ever concede


Think our love did fight

against such striking odds

Now so blind in sight

I am left to call upon the gods


The gods did sit upon the side


Our love fought and lost against an age

Tossed aside to live as words on a page

Now it is left to wander till the day

when love can again make its way


Until this day Desdemona

May I wanderlust

Seek fulfilment

And find none

Repent I must

My words do haunt me

That my disports corrupt and taint my business

Let housewives make a skillet of my helm

And all indign and base adversities

Make head against my estimations


Thy will no longer have the last word

I will only wait

for the true love of Othello

If love can fully grow

and not rest upon a tale

Let love be

Forever on the rise today

Tomorrow let love rise again

Soar above the love of yesterday

But love must accord thee balance

Melodies of discord invite silence

Otherwise let no woman fall

for any gentlemanly enthrall

All rights reserved©