Strong female characters work

This is a new series of reviews highlighting great films where female characters are given intelligent, entertaining and personality-led roles.

I start with Isla Fisher who plays illusionist Henley Reeves in new film Now You See Me. The opening trick of Henley Reeves far outshadow those of her male counterparts. Her big act is a daring trick which does involve wearing a flimsy sexy female outfit but there is a genuine reason. Henley Reeves has to escape being chained from a glass cage soon to be infested with ‘flesh-eating’ piranhas. She only has a minute. I will say no more other than set the scene of her need to show the danger she faces. In another scene, she is being chatted up by older illusionist played by Woody Harrelson but it’s not what this scene is about. In both cases the male and female audience can share in the fun. As the film is still at theatres, I apologise for limiting my analysis of the script and scenes. Suffice to say the character of Henley Reeves is surprising, humourous, intelligent as well as sexy.

This and other great films show strong women characters are exciting not the female characters forced to feed banal fantasies of gratuitous sexual services to attractive and really offensive unattractive boys/men, it alienates a lot of women in the audience who under no circumstances will be prepared to do any of these things, no really!

I will be going back to review the leading female character in Avengers Assemble next. I apologise for the back-to-front review writing but I am starting to write up my studies into legible notes.


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