The series – Do what you really want or I’ll hunt you down!

This is one way, my way to do what I want, feel free to tell me your way?

Step 1 – Find the hero/ine inside

We are all hero/ines but rarely acknowledged. I do not mean ego-driven newspaper stories about how AnyBody saved the dog from drowning or charity photo calls but hero/ines who transcend difficult situations over time. The situations are the catalysts and their endurance is the heroic part of what defines Step 2.

Step 2 – Be ordinary to be extraordinary

Go ordinary to establish your character. Ordinary people are extraordinary. Think Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino – All ordinary before becoming extraordinary? The truth is these people were always extraordinary – it’s just a whole bunch of people now acknowledge their extraordinariness. How Step 3.

Step 3 – Define the love and hate duality

What is it you love and hate doing and how do you love and hate doing it? Be clear, concise, honest and free yourself from the pointless. Alfred Hitchcock did not like the ideas free non-meritocratic British film industry, he liked the US system. So what did he do? He worked in a US studio in the UK. You may hate structure but love ideas, subtext and dialogue. This is precious knowledge. It helps you understand your writing process and know, what you will work through and sacrifice to work for what you love. Step 3 how to change armed with knowledge.

Step 4 – Change

Change your belief system from the one have been told, forced upon you or have known to the one you create and want. Leave that old world behind and dig out the desires inside for you and the world around you now. Know what makes you different and makes your belief system positive. You no longer need negativity, prejudice or bias whether it belongs to you or someone else. Step 4 into your new life.

Step 4 – Act

Start to act your beliefs and dreams as practically as you can. Hold on to these dreams and ideals they are what drive you now. You are responsible for keeping your dreams alive no matter what, you know what you have to get through to get to what you love. Start small and don’t be put off by anyone. Every day, do something towards your dream, not for anybody but you. One day, when you feel ready…



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