NOT HIM #Gointothestory DAY 6 scene


Slick spiky haired Vanda stands slouches on the shoulder of geeky blonde Rick on the edge of a busy green square. They are eyeing up an older boy standing outside a bar across the road.

VANDA: That’s the guy right there.

RICK: You can’t go round picking random boys.

VANDA: One guy not boy Rick. And he’s not random if I chose him.

RICK: You know what I mean.

VANDA: Dark, good looking and yes he is a little mean. It’s what a girl likes that counts.

RICK: Classic serial killer.

VANDA: That’s the guy I tell you.

RICK: How can he be the one?

VANDA: I didn’t say that.

RICK: Question, Is he the dreamboat or not?

VANDA: That guy is a good a bet as anyone.

RICK: You don’t know a single thing about him.

VANDA: No one knows anything about anyone until they get to know them.

RICK: He’s too old.

VANDA: Girls go mature before they go toy. He looks about 20.

RICK: He’s definitely done it.

VANDA: I may have done it.

RICK: Why can’t you find someone your own age?

VANDA: Oh purrleaze, I don’t know anyone but you.


RICK: Shit, that’s Mr Harris, he’s coming towards us.


They run in the opposite direction.


RICK: Let’s not skip school tomorrow.

VANDA: I didn’t mean you’re not worth going out with you know.

RICK: I don’t think Mr Harris saw us.

VANDA: Rick, I just want you to know…

RICK: I don’t want to talk about it Vanda.


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