About ScreenWrites

Screenwrites is a scriptwriter dedicated to encouraging writers engaged in any form of writing. This blog will be particularly helpful to those screenwriters, playwrights and poets using the classic storytelling structure as documented by Aristotle.

You may ask, why the classic structure? Please take the time to read my short blog on classic storytelling but here are a few reasons for writers and film makers.

The classic form is highly complex to execute but once mastered, it provides an audience with genuine surprises and twists in the world of storytelling. The classic form recognises genre specific forms such as traditional tragedy and comedy as well as action, horror, rom com etc. The classic form expects a screenwriter to write a genre movie with a mix of great characters who have genuine motivations for actions which move the plot forward in an unexpected but believable way. 

Cary Grant once said: “Ours is a collaborative medium“. This is film and this is the reason why a script should inspire all the creatives working on the set especially the actors who must be able to inspire the audience. The classic form expects the writer to engage in the ‘golden triangle’ – a clever script with an equally clever plot followed by a well executed film with believable characters and relationships. Everyone’s work will be not only appreciated but lauded by your audience. The success of a classic or cult film is most often the result of everyone’s work. This is what makes the film story experience special for me. We as writers have a responsibility to write the best possible script at the start of the process.

The classic form works on two levels. It helps mimic our unconscious and connect with the conscious to involve our logic and entertain us. This is done through the struggle of a character or characters who in addition may help us feel and recognise our own failings and see our higher aspirations as human beings. Audiences go to see films and plays with the classic storytelling structure to follow the hero/ine on a difficult journey and empathise with their emotions without having to undergo it themselves. The classic form allows the master screenwriter to advance the form and delight audiences as well as other writers.

My blog aims to be a resource for those aspiring to reach this level in screenwriting, theatre and film but not exclusively because the artistic ways to engage in creative storytelling are limitless.

 “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” Zola


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